2010 Interns

Our 2010 summer was such a delight due mainly to the delightful ladies that arrived in early June.  Zoe Larissa and Zoe Elizabeth were so hard-working and fun.  We met each morning for a Farm Meeting to go over the list of things to do, by August, they were making the lists and knew exactly what needed to be planted or harvested.  They got to help plan the crop schedules for the new greenhouse.  We had Farmune Fridays and tried to make an entire dinner from scratch…we had homemade pizza, sushi rolls, and mexican nights.  We even had a campfire night with a keg of beer.  Oh how we miss those ladies.  Holden and Stephany Roden were also interns at the farm.  Stephany was an incredible inspiration and help during late summer and fall.  She has gone back to Thermopolis and may start a Market Garden there.  She’ll be back November 20th to help with the Turkey Harvest!

Here’s some photos of our summer:


We are happy to be welcoming Zoe Harris and Zoe Statman-Weil as our 2010 Summer Interns.  Zoes Squared, as they have been dubbed, are both students at Carleton in College in Minnesota.

Zoe S-W is majoring is Environmental Studies with a focus on Food and Agriculture. Zoe H is studying History with a focus on Environmental History.

Zoe H worked at Pie Ranch last summer is looking to expand on what she learned there. Zoe S-W is currently interning at the School Lunch Initiative in Berkeley, CA and wants to learn about different aspects of the food system.  Zoes Squared will arrive in June for a two-month internship.  While at the farm in addition to working at the Farmers Market and preparing CSA Boxes, they will help with Harvesting, Weeding, Transplanting, Thistle Control, Feeding the Animals along with a variety of other duties.  They have volunteered to assist with the Chamber of Commerce’s Buy Local Campaign and with the beginning phases of a Community Food Assessment.  They will also develop the Intern section of our Website and start a blog to let everyone know what they’ve been up to.  Gonna be a busy and fun summer!