Internships At The Farm

Painted Sage Farm in Daniel, Wyoming has  up to two Internships available for 2016. Beginning and Ending Dates are flexible and may start as early as late April and end as late as mid-October.

Who, Where & Why

Most of us feel a need to change the world for the better, and at the same time often feel there’s nothing you can do as just one person.  Painted Sage Farm is doing what it can by farming its allotted 28 frost free days at 7,200 feet in the high desert steppe of Western Wyoming.  By growing over 30 different vegetables mostly under cover of plastic, we can share our knowledge with our customers, shareholders and community.  We can use our platform at the Farmers Markets to let folks know that a Genetically Modified Organism is not a hybrid but has been implicated in the basis of many modern digestive diseases.  We can talk about the difference between junk and non-foods vs. real foods.  And ever larger, to tie food systems into the larger social issues of food security, social justice, food and nutrition education and public health.

We can share our story.  The future is about learning to make wise food choices, it’s about keeping our dollars in our local economy, it’s about keeping our children free from obesity and diabetes, and it’s about healthy, fresh, local food and the change it can make within a community.

Painted Sage Farm sits in the pristine Upper Green River Valley north of Daniel (pop. 100) between the Wind River and Wyoming Mountain Ranges.  Less than a ½ mile from the glacial fed Green River, Painted Sage Farm currently concentrates on Salad Greens, Spinach and a myriad of other vegetables including seed garlic and seed jeruslem artichokes.  Most of the vegetables are grown in greenhouses, hoophouses and raised beds. In 2013, we expanded production to outside beds protected with low hoops.

Why don’t you come join us and share your story too!

What We’re Looking For

As a Painted Sage Farm Intern you can expect to get filthy dirty.  You’ll likely be exhausted and relish the thought of a nice, hot shower at day’s end.  We know you’ll sleep sound, proud of a job well done.  As an intern, you are expected to be up early at least 5 days a week, and ready to bust ass as soon as the work day begins.  Days are long at the height of the season, but it is rewarding work, and hey, what else are you going to do with 16 hours of daylight?

Our interns have a passion for growing good, clean, honest food.  They have a bright and sunny disposition, they are self-motivated, and they know that attitude is everything.  They are positive, can-do folks who are open to learning new skills.  They possess a true sense of adventure and wonderment, a good sense of humor and intuitively know that common sense is appreciated.

Interns will work independently much of the time, but must still be able to work well with others.  They will have an eagerness to learn about farming, growing food and the local food network.  They enjoy interacting with the public and are excited to share the farming experience and our fresh produce with the community. They take pride in the quality of their work and are eager to engage in a job that strengthens our local food system.  They are not afraid to ask questions nor make mistakes because they know it is integral to learning.  They understand that learning the basics is the basis for higher learning.

Our interns should have an interest in rural community living which is harder than it sounds.  During the growing/harvesting season, we are all working together, eating supper together and people can get on each other’s nerves.  An easy going personality helps.  Tolerance and sensitivity can go a long way to yielding a good experience for all involved on the farm.

Are you in decent physical shape, able to lift 60 pounds, and willing to work in all weather conditions? You must know that you’re not allergic to hay/grass pollen (and it’s best to also not have sage allergies) so that you won’t be uncomfortable or physically unable to work.  Interns are advised to have their own health care coverage and MUST have a current Tetanus Shot.  A minimum 2 month commitment is required and preference will be given to longer commitments up to 8 months.  A valid driver’s license and good driving record is also required.

Bonus Points

You have experience in farming/gardening and know that it is something you are seriously pursuing as a career/lifestyle.

You approach educational opportunities with enthusiasm and an open mind.

You possess light carpentry and building skills.

You have worked in other fast-paced, physically demanding jobs that required you to pay attention to details while maintaining a high level of efficiency.


About the Area / Your Time Off

Painted Sage Farm is located near the Base of the Wind River Mountains, just 55 miles south of Jackson Hole and 20 miles north of Pinedale.  Bordered by BLM public lands, it is a short ½ mile hike to the mighty Green River.

Interns can visit many spectacular areas on their days off such as Jackson Hole, the Tetons, Yellowstone, many lakes and rivers, or day hikes in the Wind River Mountains.

Further information can be found at


How To Apply

If would like to apply for an Internship at Painted Sage Farm, please send your resume and responses to the following questions to:

1. Why are you interested in an Internship at Painted Sage Farm?
2. What previous experience are you bringing to this position and what practical skills do you hope to acquire?
3. Do you prefer to work alone? With others? Or a combination of both?
4. What are your personal goals related to agriculture?
5. Everyone who lives on the farm works on the farm. Do you have any experiences living and working in this type of environment?
6. Please tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, pastimes, travels, etc.)
7. What is your favorite vegetable?

Applications taken until internships are filled.  Contact Maggie McAllister for more information at

For further information, please complete the following: