February 2013

Wintertime is all about creating crop plans, ordering seeds, updating our website and brochures, searching for interns and starting fresh.  I have added a bunch of photos from 2012.  Please stop by the farm photo pages and see what we’ve been up to.  2013 is an exciting year of growth for Painted Sage Farm.  We will host 4 interns and attend 5 Farmers Markets.  An expanded educational internship program to include vegetable, animal, project, marketing, and food production rotations.

Holden and Amanda (my son and his gal) will be coming in May to help run the farm.  We’ve got lots of exciting projects including new hoophouses for a Restaurant Salad Greens Program, outside low hoops for all of the Alliums and many of the Cole crops.  Hot mini houses inside of the Greenhouses for protection of warm weather crops.  A possible research grant for Quinoa and Canahua production.  We’re looking into growing strawberries in hanging rain gutters inside of the greenhouses.

We will be constructing a new vegetable processing and storage area and hope to construct a small commercial kitchen.  We will have two trailers available for interns and are researching constructing platforms for tipis and wall tents as well as a bathhouse for interns.  Expansion of our broiler, turkey and hog operations is anticipated going from 75 broilers to over 200.

Our line of packaged foods, herbs and spices will be getting an overhaul and you can expect to see more of them at the Farmers Markets in addition to online ordering.

A big year is planned and we’ll feel great if we get half of it accomplished.  As always we are grateful for our customers, without you, we wouldn’t be growing.  Thank you.  Save the date… August 3rd will be our Annual Farm Party & Hog Roast.

Ciao!  Maggie


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