Springtime At Painted Sage

It seems like Winter went on forever.  We received more snow than we have since the early 1990’s.  John Deere and I got the road cleared 2 and 3 and sometimes 4 times a week!  Enthusiasm for plowing wained!  The 2011 Veggie Shares are sold out now!  You can find our local, farm fresh produce at the Pinedale and Marbleton/Big Piney Farmers Markets this year.  Or call the Farm and see what we have available.

Temperatures are about 10 degrees below average and it certainly shows from the germination rates we have seen this spring.  We have replanted snap peas, pac choi, kale and our greens mix.  We are about 30 days off of where we were last year.

Potatoes Greensprouting

The onions are in the process of being planted and the potatoes will go in over the next few days.  We are still harvesting salad greens that were planted last September as well as leeks.

Hakurei Turnips -- Late April

I finally believe the snow is really going to melt and go away until this fall.  Here are some photos taken just two weeks ago.

April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

Check out the 2011 Intern Page and meet our newest Farm Team Member, William Newman-Wise.  Yeah!


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