Spring Is In The Air!

Oh, the sweet smell of composted manure…farmer’s gold.  The hens have been moved to the small hoophouse for fertilizing and pest control duties.  Since the days have grown longer, the hens are laying oodles of eggs…we have 2 or 3 more egg shares available…call or email if you’d like one.

Holden arrived home in January.  Mag flew to Sacramento, hopped in Hodie’s car and 2.5 hours later we were in Reno…now that’s the kind of California trip I can handle.

Here’s Hodie getting started on the huge pile of composted manure.  First, Hodie and Kendall broke up the half frozen pile and then Hodie and Mag spread it out.

The Blackburns kindly loaned us their rototiller and Holden went nuts mixing in the manure.  What was left was a fluffy batch of soil.

This will be the last time we rototill.  We will make permanent beds and only shallow till the top 2″ with compost and amendments after each crop is harvested.

Planting of scallions, chinese cabbage, pac choi, radishes, and turnips will begin this weekend.  Average daytime temps in the greenhouse…72 degrees.  Soil temp…50 degrees and rising.  Spring has sprung at the Painted Sage Greenhouse.


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